Hannah Sweet Potato Waffle


what you'll need

1 hannah sweet potato
1 egg
dash of cinnamon
blueberries (any fruit for topping)
1 tsp nut butter for drizzle
syrup (optional)
oil for greasing waffle maker


  • heat + grease waffle maker
  • peel sweet potato, cut in half
  • fill a pot, a little less than half way with water
  • place on high - bring to boil
  • place sweet potato in water- boil until tender (8-10 min)
  • remove, place in bowl + mash well
  • scoop 1/2 a cup into separate bowl, add in egg and dash of cinnamon- mix well
  • pour batter in center of heated waffle maker (close top)
  • let sit until light goes off-may need longer or shorter my waffle maker is OLD
  • transfer to plate, add toppings + enjoy